Ideas & Inspiration

This is the bread and butter of interiors based content. Visually heavy, giving your reader specific ideas and inspiration around a topic they are searching for.

Usually focused around specific rooms of the house, it’s easy to imagine what people might be searching for in Google when looking for ideas for decorating their house, anything from ‘kitchen ideas’ to ‘loft bedroom storage ideas.

These types of keywords are searched for millions of times a month (even just in the UK) and can be a great way to drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

That said, the competition is fierce. Large publications (whose main revenue source is adverts on their website) need to drive traffic to increase their sales so these keywords can be extremely competitive.

Some examples of topics you could go after include:

  • Kitchen Ideas
  • Nautical Bedroom Ideas
  • Country Kitchen Ideas
  • Open Plan Living Room Ideas
  • Bathroom Mirror Ideas
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